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Sonny was selected by Diners Club International as being in the top 5 restaurants in Texas using these 5 low salt, No MSG, no fats, no glutens, no preservatives, all natural blends with Sonny's cooking secrets and technique described in the instruction section.

Need a great Christmas gift for everyone? A gift they will use every day, helps make 'em healthy, and will make them go, "WOW!". “It'll make you jump back and kiss your self” after every bite on seafood, meat, or vegetables and goes with any style of cooking. Even yo' Mama' in law will think of you daily as she uses these seasonings. Our seasonings is especially great for your family, college students and young married couples. People dieting or with health concerns, like diabetes, blood pressure, or heart problems love it, 'cause they can eat foods that taste great like everyone else, and it won't hurt 'em. It will make them hurt themselves though, 'cause it's so good they won't be able to quit eatin'.

Sonny presents LOW SODIUM, no MSG, no FATS, no FILLERS, no PRESERVATIVES, ALL NATURAL spices and spicy stories of how and where I learned about people, cooking, and “The Spices Of Life” for food and life, in the School of Hard Knocks, while going to The University of Adversity

So git yo' popcorn ready ladies AND gentlemen, prepare yo' self, they’s gonna be a show along the way. You may think I’m ugly and my momma dresses me funny, and not like the church I go to, but you won’t be bored. We will be a talking bout life; eatin, sex, politics and religion, as that is what any good true story evolves around. To a Cajun ”yo' eatin and yo' lovin” are the two most important things in the world; and if you ain’t enjoying those two things, why, you dead anyhow, ya just a wastin Gods oxygen.

SONNY SAYS, “WATCH MY LIPS, I’M GONNA MAKE YOU HURT YO'-SELF” and I’m gonna do it With Gourmet all natural Spices, Marinades, Sauces, Batters, Dry Rubs; Seasoning and Cooking techniques that produce gourmet, not hot and salty, Authentic Louisiana cooking you can’t quit eatin; that’ll make you go “WOW” on any seafood meat or vegatable.